Ivano Bellini

Ivano Bellini, a seasoned professional in the DJ world since 1986, stands out as a true "superstar DJ," renowned for his captivating "Sunrise Sessions" after-hours residency. His influential seven-year residency at the famous Terrace of Miami’s Club Space, leading to his nomination for “Best Resident DJ” at the 2006 Club World Awards, showcases his remarkable talent and impact on the dance music scene. Ivano's music is a blend of sophistication and allure, characterized by a rich tapestry of sounds that captivate audiences worldwide.

His impressive repertoire includes a variety of artist tracks, popular remixes, and compilations, and he is currently working on a full-length artist album. Bellini's mastery of four languages (French, Italian, Spanish, and English) reflects his global appeal and commitment to connecting with diverse audiences through the universal language of music.

Since his relocation to Miami Beach in 1992, Bellini has held residencies at iconic nightclubs like Le Loft, Van Dome, BarRoom, Living Room, Opium, Space and Nikki Beach, where he entertained high-profile guests such as Madonna, U2, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Mick Jagger.

His performances extend beyond Miami, with regular gigs in major cities like New York, Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas, and international hotspots in Berlin, Alassio, Toronto, Ibiza, St. Tropez, Bogotá, San Juan, Sao Paulo, and Tunisia.

At Miami DJ Academy, we are immensely proud to have Ivano Bellini as a part of our team. His exceptional skills, unwavering dedication to music, and influential role in the DJ community make him a priceless asset and a source of inspiration for our aspiring DJs.