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Miami Dj Academy

Online DJ Course

Online DJ Course

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This online DJ course is for: 

  • individuals who want to realize their potential in music
  • those who wish to obtain a new fashionable profession and get a first paid gig right after the course
  • DJs who have already learned DJing but feel like something is missing and have gaps in knowledge and skills
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what you will learn

DJ Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course!

  • Introduction and course overview
  • Before we begin...
  • What equipment will you need

Chapter #1

  • A structure of electronic music track
  • How to use DJ equipment
  • Learning how to count music and understanding the meaning of beats, bars, and phrases
  • Learning how to beat match
  • Test your new skills

Chapter #2

  • Understanding how to set cue points
  • Introduction to EQ
  • Test your skills
  • How to use headphones when mixing

Chapter #3

  • Where to download music
  • Creating playlists/folders and understanding file organization
  • Preparing tracks in Pioneer Rekordbox
  • Understand key mixing and the Camelot system
  • Using effects (echo, reverb, delay)
  • Recording live mixes
  • Uploading your mix to Soundcloud
  • Branding: promoting yourself as a DJ
  • Intro to looping
  • Test your skills

Next steps

  • BONUS! Career Advancement Guide!
  • Congrats! Here's what's next...

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