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Vinyl Revival: Learn To DJ With Vinyl

Vinyl Revival: Learn To DJ With Vinyl

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Embark on a 13-hour journey into the authentic world of vinyl DJing with our "Vinyl Revival" course.

Guided by our seasoned instructor boasting over 20 years of experience in vinyl DJing, this course is your gateway to mastering the art and science of turntablism. From understanding turntable mechanics to performing a live DJ set, our expert will lead you through each step with insider knowledge and hands-on practice.

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DJing With Vinyl Course Summary

What you will learn

1. Turntable Overview

1.1. Understanding the components of a turntable.

1.2. Identifying the different parts of a turntable.

1.3. Basic operation and maintenance.

2. Music Structure – Beats, Bars & Phrases

2.1. Exploring the fundamental elements of music structure.

2.2. Understanding beats, bars, and phrases in tracks.

2.3. Recognizing musical patterns for effective mixing.

3. Counting Bars

3.1. Developing the ability to count bars in music.

3.2. Practicing counting along with various tracks.

3.3. Using bar counting for precise mixing.

4. Setting up Needles and Counterweights

4.1. Installing and calibrating turntable needles and counterweights.

4.2. Ensuring proper tracking force and anti-skate settings.

4.3. Reducing record and needle wear.

5. Looking After Your Records

5.1. Proper record storage and handling techniques.

5.2. Cleaning vinyl records and stylus maintenance.

5.3. Minimizing scratches and damage.

6. DJ Mixer Functionality

6.1. Introduction to DJ mixers and their features.

6.2. Understanding channels, EQ, faders, and crossfaders.

6.3. Basic mixer setup and signal routing.

7. Basics of Mixing

7.1. Introduction to basic mixing techniques.

7.2. Blending two tracks using EQ and crossfading.

7.3. Smooth transitions between songs.

8. Riding the Pitch

8.1. Fine-tuning tempo adjustments while mixing.

8.2. Riding the pitch control for beatmatching.

8.3. Maintaining synchronized beats during transitions.

9. Phrase Mixing

9.1. Understanding the importance of phrasing in DJing.

9.2. Mixing tracks at the start or end of musical phrases.

9.3. Creating seamless transitions for a dynamic mix.

10. Advanced Tempo Matching Techniques

10.1. Mastering advanced tempo matching techniques.

10.2. Beatmatching with tracks of different tempos.

10.3. Using pitch control for precise tempo adjustments.

11. Understanding EQ – Creative VS Corrective

11.1. Exploring the EQ (Equalization) controls on a DJ mixer.

11.2. Differentiating between creative and corrective EQ techniques.

11.3. Shaping the sound and texture of your mixes.

12. Shopping for Vinyl Records

12.1. Teacher accompanies students to a local record shop.

12.2. Guidance on how to browse and select vinyl records.

12.3. Tips on evaluating the condition and quality of vinyl.

13. Final Mixing and Performance Session

13.1. Applying all the learned techniques in a live DJ performance.

13.2. Showcasing your skills in front of peers.

13.3. Receiving feedback and constructive critique.

Final Project

  • Each student will prepare and perform a 30-minute DJ set, showcasing their skills and incorporating various techniques learned throughout the course.
  • The set should demonstrate beatmatching accuracy, seamless mixing, creative track selection, and the effective use of EQ.
  • Students will have an opportunity to perform their final set at our partner hotel's sunset DJ event, providing them with a real-world performance experience.
  • Evaluation will be based on the quality of the set, crowd engagement, and the ability to create a memorable and enjoyable music experience during the sunset event.

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